Turkey Day WOD

Are you looking for a quick workout to burn some of those Thanksgiving Calories after your Thanksgiving Nap?

Try the VIA, Exhale 2020 Workout of the Day
After a 5 to 10 minute warm-up, do this AMRAP WOD for 15 minutes:
(click on the links for a demonstration of the exercise)

5 Burpees: https://youtu.be/auBLPXO8Fww

10 Thrusters:

DB Thruster: https://youtu.be/u3wKkZjE8QM

RB Thrusters:  https://youtu.be/y8H05CZRY0I


15 Sit Ups:  https://youtu.be/_HDZODOx7Zw

Don’t forget to Cool Down before you reach for another piece of pumpkin pie!