The Long Road to Recovery

After suffering from COVID-19 (delta variant), it has become clear to me how easy it is to get discouraged when trying to reach fitness goals. Three months ago I was well on my way to becoming a descent power lifter, then I got sick. Now that I have recovered and been cleared for exercise, I’m finding it hard to get my motivation back. My body feels weak, exercising on consecutive days is not an option owing to needing more recovery and the delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is ridiculous. I can no longer do the same intensity, duration and frequency of exercise that I was doing just three short months ago. It is hard to get back on the horse sometimes and doubly hard when thinking about where I was. This is for all of you out there who have also suffered. Illness is hard, but we can overcome. Set backs are frustrating, but we can overcome. It’s time to re-evaluate the time frame for goals. Assess where you are right now and make a new plan to get back everything that was taken from you. HERE’S TO THE ONES WHO HAVE GOTTEN KNOCKED DOWN! Let’s get back up.