Getting That Perfect Workout In

We’ve been discussing the finer points of resistance training and how to really customize and dial in a workout to an individual’s personal needs. A truly valuable skill for every personal trainer. It’s important to remember that your client’s are not buying your programs (Unless you sell them). Your continuing success as a personal trainer will depend more on your interpersonal skills. How well you relate and motive your clients is more important than how good your exercise programs are.

 I asked you what makes one workout better than another, here’s my answer:

“The best exercise is the one you want to do again!”

I want to leave you with a few tips to carry you into the future:

1. Your client’s enjoyment of the experience you provide is paramount. Pick exercises that you think the client will enjoy.

2. Your client is relying on you to keep them safe throughout their transformation, listen to your client and adjust their exercise program accordingly.

3. Sometimes clients need a push and sometimes they need a break. Don’t be married to a particular workout design, be flexible and give your client what they need that day.

4. Discuss with your client the exercises you want to do with them ahead of time. Giving your client a good idea of what to expect at a training session can help the client take ownership of their program.

5. Use what you have learned! Remember to bring a comprehensive and balanced program. Use your knowledge to make sure you don’t miss a single muscle and give your clients the best you have to offer each and every time!

Remember! It’s fun to nerd out on the most optimum workouts possible

but the truth is any CONSISTENT physical activity is going to be good and beneficial for your clients

and people will generally do what they enjoy doing.

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