Tabata from Equinox on Youtube!

Finding new inspiration for training can be as easy as popping on youtube. After talking with a few of you while you programmed exercises for each other on wednesday, I found Raneir Pollar, trainer at Equinox, stepping up his game on youtube (click the picture to go to the workout). Making money as a personal trainer doesn’t have to be limited to in person training. If you have an open space and a camera (phone camera’s work!), you can record your own group exercise routine and put it out for the world to see. Practice it well, remember it’s your routine, you’ll need to do it better than everyone else. Perhaps you will want to simply record your own tabata session like Heather Walsh. Find some royalty free music and start recording, just remember to sweat. People will want to see you move, and watching others inspires us to do the same. Lots of people are watching youtube right now. You can make money by getting views! Whatever you are doing to fuel your fitness, keep it up and keep it fresh. Step up your training game now and you’ll come back to the gym stronger, better, faster! Just try not to be like Britany and burn down your home gym.