Let’s Learn to Motivate Ourselves So We Can Motivate Others!

Let’s learn to motivate ourselves so we can motivate others!

From James Seng, AFNA Instructor

“The best way to predict your future is to create it…” Let’s learn to motivate ourselves so we can motivate others!

Creating little habits in your daily life can add up to huge success. If you’ve ever listened to and practiced law of attraction coaching you know it’s true. What kind of thoughts do you want in your brain every day? This past week we talked strategies for change not only in our clients but in ourselves as well. What we tell ourselves every day becomes who we are. What we believe about ourselves will be true in us. If you believe yourself to be a leader you are. Each one of you is taking steps to be fitness leaders with your friends, family and in your communities. What little habits can you create in your life today to lead to your success tomorrow? One of the habits of a successful personal trainer is to take a little time out of each week to contact and connect with people. Create networks, build relationships, develop leads for future clients. Success in our business is a team effort.

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