Where Will You Find the Motivation for Holiday Workouts?

Some smart tips for staying active during the holidays.

Find a few activities that will get you out of the house to have fun with those closest to you.

With all your extra vacation time, now might be the right time to dust off your bike or buy a new one. Ice skating during the winter is a must or roller skating for those of us that are in the warmer climates. With vacation time comes leisure pursuits. Don’t forget to record that time, IF YOUR HEART RATE IS UP, THAT’S CARDIO!

Impromptu dance parties with friends and family are one of my favorite ways to burn some calories and get everyone laughing.

Throw on some favorite songs, turn up the volume and show your best moves, show your worst moves, it doesn’t matter. Express yourself and watch the minutes roll by with your heart rate high!

Pick up a new piece of fitness equipment.

Sometimes we have to find something new to play with to keep ourselves interested and with all the Christmas presents, ’tis the season to bless someone with a fitness gift. Even if that someone is yourself, investing in fitness is a good choice. Need some ideas? Balance Training Boards are always fun, Speed and Agility Training Kits can be addictive.

Don’t forget to get outside, not just for physical health, for your mental and emotional health as well.

Not all exercise needs to make you sweat. Walking and being outside can bring a relaxation and peace, and its a great place for games. Get yourself a frisbee or ball and have some fun.

As always, plan your workout days and your leisure pursuits. When you don’t feel like it, do it anyway, and keep your health through the Holidays.

Mask up, Stay Healthy and Keep on your Fitness Game!

Happy Holidays!

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