Ten Tips for Building Fit Kids

The American College of Sports Medicine suggests Ten Tips for Building Fit Kids:

1.  The Big Picture: Physical activity is a learned behavior that is influenced by a child’s family, friends and environment.

2.  Start Positive:  Positive Behaviors established early in life tend to carry over into adulthood.

3.  Have Fun:  Children Participate in physical activity to have fun, make friends, and learn something new.

4.  Improve Physical Fitness:  Children should participate in exercise and sport programs to enhance both health and skill-related components of physical fitness.

5.  Develop Movement Skills:  Fundamental movement skills such as jumping, kicking and throwing are learned movement patterns.

6.  Build Strong Muscles and Bones:  With qualified instruction, resistance training using bodyweight, simple equipment or free weights, can be safe, effective and enjoyable activity for children.

7.  Mix it up: Sport diversification early in life should expose children to a wide variety of physical activity and movement experiences.

8.  Raise the pulse: Children should regularly take part in rigorous exercise which requires activities that really raise heart rate and get children out of breath

9.  Just Move:  All types of physical activity–whether continuous, sporadic, or in bouts–are beneficial to children.

10.  Stay Active:  Children should engage in physical activity throughout the day with active transportation, physical education, recess, recreational exercise, sport activities, and outdoor play.