Social Media Tip – Know Your Audience

How to Use Social Media to Your Benefit?

Know your audience. Use the insights provided through the social media platforms you use to figure out who your audience is. Once you see the dominating groups who are watching your content, you can better target that audience. If you switch your Instagram account from personal to business, you will gain insights from knowing if your audience is mostly male or female and also the different age groups watching your content.

Use hashtags to your advantage. There are different free sites such as All HashtagMetaHashtagsDisplayPurposes that can help you figure out which hashtags work best for your content and audience. The use of hashtags will help expand your reach on Instagram. When you use a specific hashtag, your post will appear on the page for that hashtag. Ultimately, this means that you can expand your audience reach as long as the hashtags you use are appropriate for your business.