Previewing the Upcoming Quarter at AFNA! FNT 350!

Time seems to fly quicker with AFNA.

We’ve just finished a graduation ceremony earlier this week! We’ve wished Bryan, Elizabeth, and Eduardo all the best as they embark on their careers. Every graduation is emotional because the students have bonded so well with one another. However, we must continue on with our curriculum, and welcome in our new students all the same!

Here’s a sneak peak at the upcoming Science Module with AFNA!

With FNT 130 (the Science of Exercise) finally wrapped up, students will begin next quarter with a 1/2 quarter module focusing on Corrective Exercise Strategies. This particular module will go over tools a trainer needs to help a client overcome injuries, postural misalignments, and inactive muscle chains. We’ll be making special use of the TRX Trainer Kit Home Edition as well as foam rollers to teach students how to conduct a corrective exercise regime within a regular training session.

At the halfway point through the quarter, we divert into the business module. This will  help students learn how to write their resumes, cover letters, and establish a professional rapport with nearby employers. Whilst still in the Covid Era, students are being equipped with methods of teaching and conducting workouts online via Zoom and other web-based telecommunication platforms. As we continue with our curriculum, we are constantly adapting to the changing world around us, and now more than ever are trainers needed to help the sheltering world stay fit.

We’re looking forward to seeing you!

If you have any questions regarding enrollment at AFNA, please visit our enrollment webpage and set up an appointment for a virtual tour today!