Keynote Graduation Speaker Laura Wouters inspires AFNA’s students

On August 24, 2020, Laura Wouters, experienced fitness professional and entrepreneur, shared her personal and professional story to AFNA’s graduates. Watch the video to learn Laura’s advice on how develop your style and build your career as a personal trainer.

Watch Laura’s inspirational message to AFNA’s students

Here are a few thoughts on how to as develop your style and build your career as a personal trainer:

“Be adaptable.  Be authentic.  Know your clients needs in and out and then learn the best ways to help them.  Encourage your clients to own their goals.  Listen. Be attentive.  Be inspired and inspiring.  Be your own best representative, in other words talk the talk and walk the walk, always. Respect your time and your clients.  Be a life long learner.  Figure out who your ideal client is.  There are enough people that need your exact abilities and talents.  Believe in your abilities. Never, ever forget your why, your originating intent that drove you to choose this career and then bring it with you to every session.”