How Are You Receiving Your Education in 2020?

It seems that Google has solved yet another major societal problem, and this time they did it for educators. Together with Zoom these two tech giants have provided students and educators with a way to connect and share knowledge. If you are getting an education in 2020 it is probably in the Google Classroom and over Zoom. From grades school to ivy league college, this is the new face of education.

Our team here at the American Fitness and Nutrition Academy, AFNA for short, are here to help you navigate the brave new world with a fun and interactive classroom environment where you will engage you fellow students, achieve your personal FITNESS goals and become a world class fitness expert.We will continue to deliver you the excellence of science backed fitness and nutrition training with cutting edge technology that will Fuel your Success. – Team AFNA

Personally I am thankful that the technology was there for educators. That’s not to say it has been an easy transition. Educators and Students have been asked to step into a completely different environment. It’s almost like a trip to the alien world! Good news is we are here to guide you through it with hands on teaching to navigate and connect with your classmates in new ways.

We at the American Fitness and Nutrition Academy have stepped up in a big way to ensure you get the full content of our world class curriculum and the current fitness and nutrition trends. Our instructors are chosen for their knowledge and experience in the fitness field, to make sure you get the knowledge, power, and experience the AFNA program delivers.