Highlights from AFNA’s Rose Bowl 5K Field Trip

On Wednesday, October 7, 2020 AFNA students participated in field trip to the iconic Pasadena Rose Bowl.  Adjacent to the Rose Bowl Stadium is a open field park where everyday folks can safely gather to hang out, have fun, and get fit.  Surrounding the Rose Bowl is a 3.1 mile loop where bicyclists ride next to Mom’s pushing strollers and joggers getting their morning run on.

AFNA students, Lulu, Elizabeth, Brian and Esam met up with Instructors, James and Mathias and Campus Director, Roger.  In addition, AFNA students joined the group virtually via the Zoom Classroom!  Coach Kyle Payne from a brand new Wellness Company called VIA was the guest presenter for an exciting day of learning, fun and fitness.  Kyle is one of the Fitness Experts for VIA’s, signature program, Exhale 2020.  The innovative program was created by medical, nutrition and fitness experts.  Exhale 2020 is a 30 day journey to improve your health, your body, your stress levels, your nutrition, your fitness, and your end of year mindset. This program is designed for you to feel challenged, inspired and rewarded by your own focus, determination & effort, all while in the comfort of your home, or wherever you may be.

First Kyle conducted a 10 minute warmup to prepare the participants for a 5K run around the Rose Bowl Stadium. After the run, James cooled the participants down with a combination of Yoga Asanas and PNF stretching.  After a short break, Kyle shared his fitness journey with the students and answered their questions about the fast evolving fitness industry.  Kyle shared his experience of transitioning from training friends who saw his success of losing 65 pounds to a professional full-time top rated trainer at 24 Hour Fitness in West Hollywood.  Next he spoke about making the decision to evolve his career from an employee at a Big Box gym to becoming an independent trainer and finally his involvement with VIA.

The day ended with an interactive lecture on Cueing Techniques.  James and Mathias led the in person and online students on a workshop on tips to improve your client’s movement and cues for popular exercise.  At the end of the day, everyone left grateful for an opportunity to learn together as a community passionate about exercise and the calling to help change lives through fitness.

  • Kyle Warms everyone up!
  • Roger finishes the 5K and contemplates his next blog post, “How it feels to be out of shape!”
  • James Cools everyone down
  • Kyle shares his personal and professional fitness journey
  • Mathias and James lead a discussion on Cueing Techniques
  • Everyone leaves grateful for a day of fun, fitness, and learning