Healthy Tips for the Holidays – Guest Edition

As a guest during the holidays, you will find yourself surrounded by tons of yummy food and drinks. It may feel impossible NOT to overindulge but here are some simple tips you can follow to have a healthy but satisfying holiday season.

  1. Don’t starve yourself before the party! Often times, we tend to eat less during the day of an event to justify stuffing our faces at the party.
    • Eat regular small meals throughout the day to keep from overeating at the event
    • Have a healthy snack before you go to keep from arriving extra hungry

2. Don’t opt for the large dinnerware. Research has shown that the larger the plate, the more you want to fill it up. Reach for the smaller plate so that you don’t feel tempted to fill it to the brim.

3. Eat mindfully. Don’t scarf down your food. Be mindful of each bite and savor your food. Focus on what you are eating when you are eating it. The faster you scarf down your food, the quicker you’ll react to reaching for seconds even though your stomach might already be full.

4. Start with the healthy options first. Start by filling your plate with the greens, fruits, and lean protein options. From there, go ahead and try the heavier side dishes but the chances of overeating on the more indulgent treats will be less once you’ve filled up on the healthier entrees.

5. Limit alcohol and sugary drinks. Liquid calories can sneak up on you. Try to stick with water, sparkling water, diet soda, instead of the sugary cocktails, ciders, and fruit juices.

6. Don’t socialize next to the food. This may be an obvious tip but if you are socializing by the kitchen or serving table, the more likely you’ll be to keep eating even when you’re actually full. Remember, our eyes tend to be bigger than out stomachs.