Build Relationships To Build Your Following on Social Media

How to Build Relationships through Social Media?

In the last blog about social media tips, you learned about hashtags and how to use them. By using relevant hashtags, you are reaching your target audience. As you build your following, one way to build engagement is through using the different functions in your Instagram stories. You can ask questions or poll the audience and build engagement that way. When your followers tag you, you can mention your followers in your posts or stories for even further engagement. One thing I have learned through building my business instagram is that people LOVE to be included and they love pressing buttons. The more questions you poll in your stories, the better your engagement will become.

Why Build a Strong Follower Base through Social Media?

Ultimately, the stronger your follower base is on social media, the more opportunities you have to increase your income. Not only does this mean you can advertise your training services online, but you can also reach out to companies that are relevant to fitness and build relationships that way. You can reach out to apparel companies, protein companies, fitness equipment companies, etc, and ask for an affiliate link. As an affiliate to these companies, you can recommend products to your followers and if they use your affiliate code to make purchases, you get a commission from that sale.