Be Fitness Vigilant | Introducing AFNA’s Fitness and Nutrition Trainer (FNT) Skills Demo Stage

AFNA presents:

Torque Fitness Power Cage:

Hoist Fitness Dual Action Personal Pulley Gym:

Hoist Dual Leg Extension/Leg Curl Machine

AFNA is pleased to announce the installation of new equipment for our Fitness and Nutrition Trainer (FNT) Skills Demo Stage. This equipment expands our teachers’ ability to demonstrate correct technique and form in a commercial fitness setting.

Machines are a feature of many commercial fitness clubs, hotels, apartment complexes, and similar venues where FNT graduates may find themselves training clients. AFNA’s leg extension/leg curl machine is a mainstay of circuit-based exercise platforms. Students will have the opportunity to observe how machines like this are safely configured for each client based on body size, individual goals, and fitness levels.

AFNA’s cable pulley station is also a popular mainstay of commercial athletic club environments. It expands the versatility of resistance bands and TRX suspension by introducing weight stack resistance to the client training program. FNT students will appreciate the variety of exercises and challenges that can be created safely for their clients when using this and other cable-based systems.

Finally, our free weight squat and press cage allows instructors to demonstrate proper spotting and cueing technique for clients who might enjoy using loaded barbell resistance to achieve their fitness goals. Safety is especially important when using free weight equipment and FNT students will learn how to minimize risk of injury while maximizing the rewards that free weight training is capable of delivering.