Alumni Spotlight: Chad Houke

From Roger DeLaCruz, Student Services.

I recently caught up with Chad prior to his visit to the AFNA classroom on Tuesday, June 9, 2020.  Thank you Chad for sharing your story with us and inspiring us on how to approach creating a career in fitness that is meaningful for ourselves, but more importantly our clients.  We truly change lives through fitness.  Helping a client  to relieve chronic pain and to increase once limited mobility is definitely a way to win a client for life.

Here are Chad’s responses to the AFNA Alumni Spotlight Questions:

1. When did you graduate? Aug 22, 2019

2. What was your first job after graduating? Equinox

3. Where are you working now? I am still employed at Equinox.  Equinox is a great company and I’m proud to be a part of the team!

4. Do you have a Fitness Philosophy, Motto, or inspirational quote you go to to motivate yourself and your clients? Have fun, “let’s have some!” It’s fun to be healthy, it’s fun to feel good and it’s fun to move!

5. How are you maintaining or building your business in spite of the coronavirus? I have a few virtual clients.  My main focus is on continuing my education so that I have more tools in the toolbox to serve and help my clients. I actually just got my XPT Performance Breath Coach Cert, and I am the only one at my Equinox location who has it. It has completely changed my training style. I am also working on getting my Oxygen Advance Cert and Low Back Disorders rehabilitation hosted by Stuart McGill, and it’s currently 50% off through ACSM!

6.  What advice do you have for students graduating in June and future graduates? Hit the floor running! You have to face the fact this will be work, and it will be uncomfortable at times. Keep studying, find your niche and find ways to keep your fire burning. When you start seeing change in peoples life’s and it’s because of
you, it’s extremely rewarding!

Let’s let Chad’s client, Lisi sing his Praise:

Lisi is 62yrs old with 15 years of knee pain.  She can now squat fully with zero pain!

Chad, you completely changed my opinion of personal training. You completely improved
a limiting factor that hadn’t been identified before! I have increased strength, mobility and confidence.
Thanks so much. We covered a lot of ground and I thoroughly enjoyed our time together”