AFNA Graduation | June 24, 2020

Congratulations AFNA Graduates: Raamy, Jaleyah, Angie, Peter

Graduation Day is your day!  As each cohort completes the program, we get to reflect upon our journey with each student.  There is one common denominator.  We are passionate about wellness and are inspired to help others.  We are very proud of your achievements, excited about today’s graduation day celebration and we look forward to watching your fitness career take off and succeed. 

Team AFNA, Family, Friends, and Supporters of Team AFNA,

You are cordially invited to help Raamy, Jaleyah, Angie and Peter celebrate their Graduation!
When: Monday, June 24, 2020
Where: AFNA Classroom Zoom Room: 6201261507

Graduation Itinerary:
1:00PM: Open the room for fellowship
1:30PM: Powerpoint Presentation for Covid-19 Classroom Protocol
2:00PM: 15 Minute Break
2:15PM: Graduation Ceremony
3:00PM: Party Time, Grab a snack and your favorite libation to toast the graduates!

Raamy, Jaleyah, Angie and Peter:  Please invite your family and friends to participate in your special day by sharing the Zoom Room number with them.