AFNA Classroom Reopen Date UPDATE: June 29, 2020

Hello Fitness Experts,

The world is opening back up and so are we. AFNA has been given the go ahead to open up our classroom along with a laundry list of new guidelines for health and sanitation. We are dedicated to giving each student who wants to take part in our on campus learning option the safest environment possible. This means a classroom makeover to accommodate the changes. Owing to the need to set up the changes we are pushing back our classroom opening to Monday, June 29, 2020. This will coincide with the start of the new quarter and a lot of exciting new learning options for you as students. Online education has become a part of AFNA. This means that each of you, if you choose, can complete your educational goals in the online learning environment that we have all become accustomed to these past months. We here at AFNA will continue to offer you the benefit of AFNA’s time tested, nationally accredited and respected Fitness and Nutrition Curriculum. Now fully available online and on campus. We are looking forward to the start of the new quarter and the roll out of the new and exciting additions to AFNA.


Roger, James, Mathias, Tiffany and Tom