AFNA Campus Reopen Date Slated for June 22, 2020

From Roger DeLaCruz, Campus Director

AFNA Campus Reopens June 22, 2020. COVID-19 Safety Protocols will be strictly adhered to.

Attention Team AFNA:

On June 10, 2020 Los Angeles County announced it is is moving forward on the Roadmap to Recovery and reopening key economic and community sectors, including School and School based programs.

I will be conducting an In Service Presentation to review AFNA’s Campus Classroom Covid-19 Safety Protocols for the students who choose the on-campus attendance option.  As Tom stated, any student who prefers online attendance may continue with that format.

AFNA Campus Classroom Covid-19 Safety Protocol Presentation:

WHEN: Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Time: 12:00 PM

Where:  Zoom Classroom, Zoom Meeting ID: 6201261507

The announcement states, “The County continues to monitor the spread of the virus and the capacity of the healthcare system to provide residents with essential services. With these reopenings, Los Angeles County will be in Phase 3 of the State’s Resilience Roadmap.However, this major step forward does not mean the threat of COVID-19 is gone. Residents must continue to practice physical distancing, wear cloth face coverings and follow public health directives.

If at any time, the County’s rate of infection and other key metrics demonstrate a rapid acceleration of new cases that threatens to overwhelm the healthcare system, the Department of Public Health and the Board of Supervisors may need to limit future re-openings or close reopened sectors.”

Whether on-campus or online, all AFNA students have access to the same outstanding instruction and student services as we navigate changes to our industry together.  Even after graduation, AFNA alumni will be able to access the online and on campus classroom for continuing education.  Once an AFNA student, always an AFNA student.

Learn, Train, and Stay Fit,