Cardio Training Should Be Your Least Priority

Weight training is the only important part about health and fitness.

Training your muscles clearly outweighs (ha) all of the benefits associated with cardiovascular training. In fact, the human body has evolved to be better at building muscle as opposed to doing cardio. Besides, how else could you explain why so many people dislike cardio?

But it’s not just running. In fact, cardiovascular exercise like biking, swimming, hiking, or playing sports should be kept to a minimum. One of the biggest issues we face in America is the mass production of incredibly comfortable running shoes and attire. This is convincing more and more people each day to begin doing some form of enjoyable cardio. Studies have shown that training cardiovascular fitness might improve heart and lung function, but has little to no effect on building muscle size. Hard pass.

Another issue in the health and fitness industry is the promotion of yoga and pilates. These two exercise modalities, popularized by their ‘mental clarity’ and ‘stress-free mindset’, has made it harder for people to focus on only lifting weights. Studies have shown that yoga and pilates can enhance muscle flexibility, causing the muscles and tendons to loosen over time. This clearly contraindicates the purpose of weight training, which is to tighten arms and stiffen abs.

But above all else, the greatest threat to our overall health is the concept of a rest day. A rest day might be the worst method to solidify your weight training gains. It makes no sense, at all! How can you build muscle if you decide to rest instead? Recent studies have proven that increasing your rest days may actually increase the amount of energy you have. And we all know that extra energy gets converted to fat!

So here’s my recommendation:

Check the date. Before you furiously shut the laptop and storm off to the gym, ask yourself this: did I just get April Fooled?

* * *

Disclaimer: The above information is satirical nonsense and should not be interpreted as exercise advice whatsoever. Cardio exercise, weight training, yoga, and rest days are all very important aspects fitness.


Mathias the Fool