WSQ: AFNA’s New Attendance Policy for Online and On Campus Students

We know already that attendance means logging in to your Zoom classroom a few minutes before your class starts and remaining present until class ends. Starting June 29 the same will apply to students who opt to attend on-campus. But being present for your education means also engaging in the course and committing to a fun and active learning experience that results in long-term knowledge and skill retention.

That’s what AFNA’s new WSQ Attendance Policy is all about. WSQ = Watch, Summarize, and Question. What it means is that every student gets to ask – and be asked – questions that affirm their participation and comprehension of what is being taught during a given lecture. Whether you attend online or on-campus you’ll always be invited to chime in with your understanding (or confusion!) on the topics of the day.

So will WSQ be happening all the time? No, not ALL the time. Most of your class time, for example, is devoted to hammering out new exercise programs, quizzes, projects, or active fitness sessions and client training. Generally speaking WSQ will take place for classes where your instructor is lecturing on new subject matter or providing real world context for what’s it’s like to work as a personal trainer or group exercise instructor.

Want to know more about WSQ? Don’t worry! We’ll explain it all in greater detail during your scheduled classes next week. See you there!