Stay Safe During Wildfire Emergencies

How to Stay Safe During a Wildfire

Preparation begins now.

  1. Stay safe and sign up for different warning systems to receive alerts in the event of emergencies. The EAS Emergency Alert System will send out notices regarding emergency information from AMBER alerts to weather information. Similarly contains information about your local air quality.
  2. Learn your area’s evacuation routes and perform a test run to get familiar with it. Also, have a plan for any pets; keep carriers accessible inside your house and close to the exit.
  3. Set yourself up with some emergency supplies. This includes but its not limited to non-perishable foods, first aid, and water. Check out this emergency supply kit checklist.
  4. Make sure any important documents such as birth certificates and passports are kept in a fireproof safe.
  5. Review your insurance policy to make sure it has enough coverage. If you rent, sign up for renters insurance.

Surviving during the event.

  1. When authorities announce evacuations, do not hesitate and evacuate.
  2. If you find yourself trapped, call 911, provide your location and turn on any lights or signals that will allow the responders to locate you more quickly.
  3. Make sure you pay attention to any health symptoms or predisposed medical conditions that you might have. Call your physician and ask for further guidance.

Staying safe after.

  1. Pay attention to authorities for any updates regarding safe return to your home.
  2. Use text message and social media to contact friends and family as phone systems tend to be busy following a disaster. It may be easier to reach your loved ones through text.
  3. Make sure you photograph and document any damage to your home. Perform an inventory check and then contact your insurance company.
  4. Keep in close contact with your friends and family. Be available to them in case they need someone to talk too or vice versa.

As of Thursday, September 10, 2020, the Bobcat Fire has exploded to nearly 24,000 Acres with 0% containment. Fire officials have advised voluntary evacuation warnings for residents in nearby areas, including Duarte, Bradbury, Monrovia, Sierra Madre, Pasadena, and Altadena.

We at AFNA want you all to be prepared and to stay safe.