The 5 Most Important Apps New Trainers Should Be Using

Starting your career as a personal trainer can be overwhelming.

In the early stages of building your business, you may feel bombarded with hundreds of different ideas and projects. Not only that, but you’ll be working tirelessly on developing training programs for your clients, networking within your community, and trying to build an online presence. These 5 apps can help you immensely as you try to swim through this vast ocean of personal training.

1. TrueCoach – The All In One Organizing Platform

TrueCoach is an amazing tool to keep your clients scheduled and organized. This allows you to seamlessly link your calendar with your clients’ schedules so they can book and view upcoming appointments. Not only that, but it also has a tab for you to upload your client’s workout so they can get their homework sessions in!

TrueCoach Review - My Personal Trainer Website

2. Trainerize – The Only Software You’ll Need

Trainerize is similar to TrueCoach, and frankly you only need one of the two. It helps track client workouts, their programs and progress, as well as enable auto billing and invoicing. Their app helps you keep track of all of your different clients. They even have an extensive video library for you to use as reference, or upload your own!

Trainerize Review - My Personal Trainer Website

3. Evernote – The Best Note Taking App

Evernote is a fully fledged note taking platform known for its organization and collaboration features. The desktop-to-mobile app is a wonderfully versatile platform where you can organize your creative content, such as blogs, brochures, and even webpage designs. And the best part: you can collaborate on projects with other people, making it a great way to send clients an invitation to their goals and health overview!

Best Note Taking App - Organize Your Notes with Evernote

4. Coach’s Eye – The High Definition Form Recording App

Coach’s Eye is an integration app that uses your client’s camera so they can record themselves during specific exercises. Their platform will all you, their trainer, to slow down the video to focus on each frame to highlight and comment areas where a client needs to focus on something. Coach’s Eye has become immensely popular amongst remote and virtual trainers during the COVID-19 pandemic to help keep an eye on their clients form. Although it is geared towards trainers with athletic clients, Coach’s Eye can easily be adapted to typical exercises as well.

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5. MyFitnessPal – The Number 1 Nutrition Tracking App

MyFitnessPal might be the best known nutrition app available. This fully integrated app makes it effortless to record and track meals to keep an eye on both calorie and macronutrient intakes. Trainers can use this for their clients to ensure their nutrition is honed in! MyFitnessPal has plenty of customization capabilities for various goals, including weight loss and muscle building. Furthermore MyFitnessPal uses your phone’s camera to scan the barcode of your food to seamlessly upload the nutrition facts you are eating.

Now You Can Track Your Steps in MyFitnessPal! | MyFitnessPal

But the most important thing to consider: take it one step at a time.

Don’t feel rushed or pressured into perfecting your product from day 1. Spend time exploring projects and ideas. Sometimes things don’t work out (ha) the way you imagined them, and it’s OK to move onto something else. You have your whole life to develop your perfect career path, so don’t feel like you need to get it all done in your first year.