Progress Is Not Always A Step Forward

We are in the heart of the holidays. With Thanksgiving a week behind us, and the Christmas holidays a few weeks ahead, you may find yourself struggling to make your workouts.

Spoiler Alert: You’re NOT Alone

As a health and fitness coach, I spend most of my day preaching the need for improving our health. Without fail, this time of the year is always the hardest for my clients. From traveling, to holiday shopping, to generous servings of gravy and mashed potatoes, finding time to hit the gym seems like a lost cause.

This is where I’d like to mention that no progress is not a negative thing. In fact, there will be many instances throughout the year where your fitness progress slows down. I wouldn’t expect anyone to perform their absolute best for 365 days of the year.

So how do we manage to come out of the holiday gauntlet without losing our progress?

The first step is recognizing how to manage our goals and expectations. If you came up to me on Nov. 15th and said, “My goal for the next 30 days is to lose 15lbs,” I’d  say you’re ridiculous. Having a goal like this, at this time of the year, does not bode well for your success rate. Instead, a healthier goal would be something along the lines of maintaining at least 3 workouts per week, even if they aren’t at an insane intensity.

The second step also has to do with some mental discipline. It’s important to recognize that ‘not making progress does not equate to failure’. During the holidays, I know I have a huge mountain to climb. I know I’ve spent my entire year working towards reaching the pinnacle. I know that the last stretch is the hardest stretch. But I also know that it will be there after the holidays. Take a moment to recognize that not losing progress is significantly better than sliding down the mountain and having to start over. Try to maintain the progress that you’ve made thus far, and be ready to get to the top after the holidays!

Here’s my biggest tip. Don’t beat up yourself just because you aren’t breaking records this week. Instead, consider it a win that you’re staying active and getting a few workouts in during this time!

As always,

Stay Safe and Active!