American Fitness and Nutrition Academy – The Classroom Experience

Hi. I’m Mathias Sorensen.

Have you ever wanted to become a personal trainer or group exercise instructor? If you have, I’d like to show you a sneak peak into the classroom experience for students who have also answered YES to that question. My name is Mathias and I’m one of the adjunct instructors for AFNA! I am part of a great team of instructors that bring inspiration and personal experience into the classroom to provide our students with every opportunity possible to get ahead in the fitness industry.

Becoming a Certified Personal Trainer or a Certified Group Exercise Instructor is a challenging endeavor. Students must learn about exercise sciences, such as anatomy, physiology, nutrition, sports injuries, as well as practical coaching techniques, such as motivational interviewing, establishing goals and routines, and developing new lifestyle habits with their clients, and so on. Everyone can read about these components in a book or watch videos online, but few get the opportunity to learn about them from first-hand experiences that instructors provide.

Real World Experience Brought to the Classrooms

All of the instructors at AFNA have had a career in some kind of health service in their past; some of us have been trainers, some have been fitness managers, some have been swim teachers, mixed martial arts teachers, and many more. Students at AFNA receive a variety of first-hand experiences from their instructors, highlighting the ins and outs of the fitness industry that a regular course could not capture. This helps promote freedom for the student to pursue any endeavor in the health and fitness that interest them.

AFNA Digitizes Course Material Ahead of COVID-19

As the novel coronavirus pandemic got worse, AFNA immediately pivoted to a digital-based learning experience. While schools had to close down, creative teaching opportunities remained operational. All of the course material that we would normally conduct in the classroom has been digitized and made available to teach online through applications such as Google Classroom and Zoom. This enabled us to keep the student experience as informative as possible.

AFNA never uses pre-recorded or recycled lessons, so students receive new, updated, and real-time instruction from their teachers, who are also adapting to the COVID-19 regulations for their own training businesses. The great part about using online teaching applications is keeping a record of our course material so the students constantly have reference information available. This promotes long-term retention, as well as providing students with flexible options to learn at their best pace.

Tutoring and Extra Services Available

Students and instructors have direct communication with each other during class hours. Outside of class hours, students may request additional tutoring hours to cover previous material that they may have missed or wanted to get further assistance on. This has also provided many aspiring students an opportunity to learn from a student-mentor relationship, where the instructor can help provide the student valuable insights on how to maximize their learning experience at AFNA.

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