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In my spare time I write blog posts dedicated to helping young adults learn about personal finance. I’m very passionate about personal finance because I feel like our public education does a poor job at teaching us how to manage our money. One of the most challenging aspects of being a Personal Trainer is the responsibility to manage one’s own income. Aside from paying taxes, we also have to set money aside for health insurance, emergency funds, and our own retirement fund. Many young adults do not have any of these financial avenues set up. In my blog posts, I focus on the power of investing and why it is so critical for young adults to begin setting money aside for their retirement as soon as possible.

You can find all of my blogs using the archives list below. My goal is to write a new blog every week or so, ranging from topics such as investment opportunities, various stock market definitions, and all sorts of relative information to help you become more financially independent. I’m always looking for different topics to write about, usually drawing the subject of my blog from frequently asked questions. Therefore, if there is anything in particular that you would like me to write about, please add a comment or message me through Instagram: @typicalskandinavian.

Blog 1: The Fastest Way to Double Your Money — Manage My Money (Part 1)
This is the why behind the how. This blog broadly covers the importance of why you need to start investing ASAP.

Blog 2: Money Now or Money Later — Manage My Money (Part 2)
This is the step-by-step plan you need to follow so you can get yourself investing ASAP in 2021.

Blog 3: The 5 Best Investment Platforms You Need to be Using in 2021 — Manage My Money (Part 3)
I share some of the investing platforms that I’ve been using and I give my pros/cons on which ones I recommend. There’s also some referral links that’ll give both of us free stocks!

Blog 4: Compounding Interest — Investor Insight (Part 1)
This blog breaks down the beauty of compounding interest to give you enough information on why you need to start investing ASAP.

Blog 5: Pick the Right Retirement Account in 2021 — Manage My Money (Part 4)
This blog breaks down the differences between Roth and Traditional retirement accounts like a 401k and an IRA. It’s all about strategizing your taxes!

Blog 6: What to Do if Your Stock Drops — Investor Insight (Part 2)
In this blog I share some strategies you can use to help mitigate potential losses in your portfolio, such as dollar cost averaging and tax loss harvesting.

Blog 7: Best Stocks to Pick in 2021 — Investor Insight (Part 3)
In this blog I emphasize the importance of ETF’s that track the entire market, as well as differentiate between growth and value stocks, blue chips vs penny stocks, etc.

Blog 8: Even if You Bought $TSLA 10 Years Ago You Wouldn’t Have Become a Millionaire
In this unusual blog I break down the reality about survivorship bias and our overconfidence in our ability to hit the home runs. I demonstrate how non-buyers remorse when it comes to stocks like $TSLA should not hinder your decisions in the future.

Blog 9: The Game Stops Wall Street
This unusual blog follows the chaotic events that GameStop stock to soar, halting trades along Robinhood while Wall Street’s hedge funds panic in loss.

Blog 10: What’s a Dividend? — Investor Insight (Part 4)
In this blog I break down one of the best fundamental elements of investing, and how taking advantage of time in the market will result in a liveable income when it’s time to retire.

Blog 11: 7 Simple Steps to Begin Investing — Manage My Money (Part 5)
In this blog I make it simple for you: follow these 7 simple steps to get started investing. While this blog specializes in a retirement account, the principles can be translated to a regular investing account as well.

Blog 11–2: 7 Simple Steps to Begin Investing (TD;DR Edition)
This is the shortened edition of the 11th blog designed to give you nothing but the most important steps!

Blog 12: What’s In My Portfolio and Why
This is a long blog to showcase my current investment strategy as well as the different stocks that make up my portfolios. This is not investment advice, but rather an opportunity to explain what and why I invest in certain things.

Blog 13: Should I Still Invest Even if the Stock Market Keeps Going Down?
This is a new format where I go through some major FAQs that I’ve been getting. It’s less informative than the other blogs, but easier to read and more practical to understand. A great place to start learning a bit about stocks!

Hope these blogs help you get 1 step closer to your financial independence! Make sure to check in with Tiffany in regards to your student services!