Team AFNA Moving Up!

From Tom Boland, President.

Tiffany Linares, the Director of Financial Aid and Career Services at the American Fitness and Nutrition Academy (AFNA) will continue in her capacity as Financial Aid Administrator while adding the Registrar Office to her oversight. “Tiffany’s service to the school these past four plus years has been invaluable and I am pleased to see her role expand organically to the Registrar,” said Tom Boland, AFNA’s president.

The school also announced the promotion of Fitness and Nutrition Trainer instructor James Seng to the position of Program Director, Fitness and Nutrition Trainer Program. In this new capacity, James will continue to teach AFNA students while assuming administrative oversight of the overall program, including curriculum development, industry outreach, and faculty coordination. Per Tom Boland: “James has proved his worth as an instructor not only through his breadth of curricular knowledge and compassion for AFNA students but through his deft handling of transitioning the school into a technologically dynamic online attendance environment. As we continue to grow the Fitness and Nutrition Trainer program through the COVID-19 pandemic, James is the right man to have at the helm.”