Adapting Fitness Habits for the Covid Riddled Holidays

With COVID-19 cases and ICU hospitalizations soaring yet again, many of us are asking ourselves how to possibly stay active in the midst of this pandemic. And now with the holidays right around the corner, we’re adding yet another hurdle to overcome. I’m here to tell you that you can accomplish a lot more than you might think.

First things first!

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Yes, that pun was intended. Don’t get caught up on the little things holding you back from staying active. Occasionally the weather turns gray. Every now and then work piles up too quick. And sometimes you can’t find motivation anywhere. Let me tell you this: that’s completely normal. All the people who seem inspirational on Instagram or Facebook aren’t posting about their struggles, but promise you they’re going through this too.

So how do we manage staying healthy and active when the world seems to be going nowhere?

The first step is learning how to adapt. Part of that comes from changing our outlook on health and fitness, as well as accepting a period of slower improvement. Changing your outlook on fitness can be a simple series of changing your goals to something that is reasonably manageable during times like this. You won’t necessarily be able to hit new lifting records, or reach your peak level of fitness, but there’s a ton of other things that you can work towards.

These a few goals you can keep in mind are always worthwhile working towards:

  • Developing flexibility through practices like yoga and mat Pilates
  • Recovery sessions using foam rolling, mini bands, and therabands, etc.
  • Tuning into your nutrition by developing a sound meal plan to cover all of your vegetables and lean meats
  • Picking up some cardio outdoors, such as running, cycling, or hiking
  • Developing bodyweight strength through callisthenic exercises

But most importantly, recognize that reducing setbacks to the progress that you have already made is a huge victory during the holidays, especially combined with the COVID pandemic.

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