ACSM Call to Action Statement: COVID-19 Considerations for Sports and Physical Activity

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) has published a call to action statement addressing COVID-19 and safely returning to sports and exercise. Authored by ACSM subject matter experts, the statement highlights the current science around COVID-19 and provides 12 action steps to consider. “COVID-19: Considerations for Sports and Physical Activity” is ACSM’s first call to action statement and published in the August 2020 issue of ACSM’s Current Sports Medicine Reports.

This infographic highlights the action steps for health care providers, healthy individuals and those recovering from COVID-19.

COVID-19: Considerations for Sports and Physical Activity

12 Actions Steps to Consider for Sports and Physical Activity during the Covid-19 Pandemic:

  • 1.  Encourage well individuals to start/continue moderate exercise for 150 – 300 minutes/week.  Small amounts count!
  • 2.  Maintain immune health.  Participation in 150 – 300 minutes Moderate-to-vigorous Physical activity (MVPA)/week.  Keep body weight at recommended level.
  • 3.  Perform MVPA at home or outside.  Maintain physical distancing and use face covering.
  • 4.  Employ innovative strategies in the approach to promote physical activity.
  • 5.  Apply and adapt World Health Organizations guidelines, Covid-19 mitigation checklists and risk assessment to each sport discipline.
  • 6.  Optimize sports medicine telehealth for broad appeal and to reach diverse populations. Ensure equal access to all; focus on reaching vulnerable populations,  the economically disadvantaged and those with language barriers.
  • 7.  Implement the use of masking and testing to reduce spread and avoid close contact when masking fails.
  • 8.  Individuals at high risk for Covid-19 should refrain from exhaustive exercises, overreaching and overtraining.
  • 9.  Individuals who have contracted Covid-19 should contact their primary care physician to determine how to ensure a safe return to exercise.
  • 10.  Determine evidence-based recommendations for return-to-exercise post Covid-19.  Advise rest and no exercise for two weeks after resolution of mild/moderate symptoms or from a positive test result.
  • 11. Follow a slow resumption of exercise with close monitoring by a health care team.
  • 12.  Develop policies to safely reintroduce group activities that boost physical and mental health.

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