5 Go to assessments for any client anywhere.

In today’s training world it’s about going outside, training has been kicked out of the gym, but training never ends.

Use these assessments with your clients to track their progress. Adjust your programs, and achieve your client’s goals!

1.) Navy Body Fat Assessment. This assessment includes a few girth measurements, the client’s age and the client’s height. The calculation is a bit much but there are online calculators to handle that. It is useful in any client screening whether done virtually or in person. It is also relatively easy to instruct your clients through this assessment, and there are many instructional videos online.

2.) Aerobic Endurance. Whether it’s a half mile walk, 1 mile walk, a mile and a half run, or a step test. Getting a baseline for your clients aerobic endurance is essential. With a simple and fun activity we can assess our client’s aerobic potential or VO2MAX.

3.) Muscular Endurance. How many repetitions can your client complete in one minute or less of the basic movements: Push-ups, Squats, Shoulder Press, Rows, Crunches, Good Mornings

4.) Muscular Strength. Find a comfortable weight for your client and have them perform a set of 8 to 12 repetitions. With each following set increase the weight until the client fails  somewhere between 8 and 12 reps. We can use a calculation to find their one rep max from the final set or simply input the information into an online calculator

5.) Neuromotor.  This is simply asking your client to perform complex movements like a body weight Single Leg Romanian Deadlift or attempting to touch their hands to their shoulder blades. These movements are designed to test a clients flexibility and coordination and can identify areas of tightness or weakness in your clients body.

We here at AFNA will teach you how to take your client’s to the finish line and beyond. Motivation, Skill, Confidence! You can do it, and we’re here to help.


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