Squatober – Time to Bend the Knee

Welcome to October

First things first, can you believe we’re already in October? We’ve had January, February, March, COVIDuary, and now we’re fresh into October. With the NBA Finals starting up, Playoff Baseball, Sunday Night Football, and the Champions League right around the corner, there’s a little bit of sport for all of us. So how about doing a bit of activity whilst watching these tremendous athletes competing? Cue: Squatober.

If it’s your first Squatober, welcome.

Squatober was started some years ago on Instagram (#squatober #bendtheknee [although sometimes you’ll get some Game of Thrones content] #prparty) and has become a viral event amongst fitness enthusiasts. Squatober is a month-long challenge to train your squat every day of the month, and testing a new PR on the final day (sometimes on the final Friday) of the month. Before you say anything, I understand the concerns for a month of squatting.

Intensity and volume of squatting is planned and programmed to avoid injuries and keep the knee bending festivities as enjoyable as possible. To find some of the popular Squatober programs, check out some of the following handles and hashtags from Instagram:

  • @sorinex_
  • @sorinex_squatober
  • @penandpaperstrengthapp
  • #squatober
  • #squatoberchallenge
  • #kneebending

Squatober, In a Nutshell

Whether it’s your first or fifth Squatober challenge doesn’t matter. The important thing is to find a way to challenge yourself without harming your body. Remember, Squatober is a journey, not a one-and-done workout. The beginning of the month will naturally be the easiest workouts as you prime your body for the upcoming volume and intensity. You can decide to make it a body-weight challenge to accompany your regular routine, or you can follow some sample workout programs online.

If you are creating your own challenge (for example, 10 squats on the 1st, 20 squats on the 2nd, 30 on the 3rd, etc) be sure to add a rest day every 4-5 days. As the month progresses and the workouts become more challenging, you may want to split the workout into 2 parts, such as in the morning and evening, instead of doing them all at once.

Or, if you plan to create a full workout routine around Squatober, be sure to include the other major compound exercises so you don’t lose strength in your upper body too.

Whatever your plan may be, happy squatting, and enjoy the gains!