Community! Relationship Building! Training! AFNA is a family of professionals dedicated to your success!

Community! Relationship Building! Training!
A family of professionals dedicated to your success!

We at the American Fitness and Nutrition Academy salute our graduates and their efforts during this trying time. Our students have dedicated themselves and put in the work to ensure their brighter future. Each one has grown personally and professionally during a pandemic, showing that they have the character to not only survive but thrive!

Our graduates are now taking their next steps, preparing for the ACSM CPT Exam and passing it, gaining clients on their own or applying for employment using AFNA’s extensive network!

Want to know why our students get hired over everyone else? They not only get the education, they get the experience! Upon graduation each student will have over 130 hours of on the job training.

At AFNA your not only getting an education. Your getting the support you need to transition into an exciting new career. Our team of professionals knows the industry, and are dedicated to your success.

Join our family of trained professionals today!

We have built a community of students, employers, entrepreneurs, and professionals who are ready to help you prepare for and start the career of your dreams.