Welcome Back to the Gym!

Gyms Reopen

Many gyms across California are starting to reopen again with precautionary guidelines. As such, there will likely be an influx of health nuts making their way back to their workout routines.

For some, this will be their first workout in almost a year. Others may have been able to snag a few weights at home and do a few exercises in their garage or living room. Either way, returning to the gym should be approached like starting a new workout routine: one step at a time.

Don’t rush into it.

As much as you want to rack up the weights and search for PRs, you have to be mindful that you might not be as conditioned as you were a year ago. Start out slow, and work your way back up. You won’t be able to make progress if you get injured.

Embrace the challenge.

Your muscles probably aren’t as conditioned as they once were, so even the lightest weights might feel like lead. It’s important to embrace the challenge and recognize the process.

Be good to yourself.

It’s been hard for myself to not feel frustrated with the regression I’ve made. I was in the best shape of my life right before the pandemic shut everything down; it’s been difficult to accept the long road ahead. But getting down on myself won’t help. I embrace and accept the uphill climb and I look forward to the summit.

And remember: function is more important than force. Let the ego take a backseat to perfecting the form. Establish a solid foundation and the strength will follow.