Make Your Fitness Fun with Fun Fitness Tests and Exercise Ideas!

Fitness tests can be intimidating to some; as a personal trainer I like to make things fun. I ask my clients, “What movement would you love to be able to do better than you can now?”

“Do you like Fancy Foot Work?”
“Explosive Movements?”
“Amazing Balances?”
“Striking Targets?”
“What do you think you would most enjoy?”

That’s where we start!

Fancy Foot Work

For those people who want to move their feet like a professional soccer play, execute dance moves with the best or simply improve their agility, we use fancy foot work. Whatever your do do it to your favorite workout tunes!

Explosive Movement

For all of you that want to jump higher, run fast, throw further than explosive movements are for you!


Amazing Balances

STRIKE A POSE! Party tricks like no other! Build the Focus and Body Strength to Execute Amazing and Stunning and Crowd Pleasing Favorite Poses! Yoga can get you there!

  • Hand and Arm Balances

Striking Targets

  • Combat Training Solo