Healthy Tips for the Holidays – Host Edition

Above view of thanksgiving dinner and family eating at table

With the holidays creeping around the corner, it’s time for some healthy holiday tips! Whether you are taste testing your own recipes, sitting down for dinner or mindlessly munching on snacks, the holidays bring on a lot of food. It can feel impossible to refrain from overeating but here are some tips to help you out if you are in charge of hosting duties.

  1. Lighten up the calories. Some of the yummiest foods during the holiday season are high in fat and calories. You can make some easy substitutions without challenging the flavors of the recipe.
    • Use applesauce as a replacement for oil or butter in baked items
    • Use fat free versions of creamy ingredients like sour cream
    • Use reduced fat cheeses
    • Use 2 egg whites as a substitute for 1 whole egg
    • Use half potatoes and half cauliflower for mashed potatoes
  2. Focus on fruits and veggies. Try to increase your fruits and veggies in your meals. Instead of incorporating them into heavy sauces and glazes, find healthier alternatives.
  3. Shop smarter, not harder.
    • Plan your grocery store visit
    • Always go in with a list prepared
    • Visit the store during its off hours to avoid the crowds and feeling rushed to pick out the first thing in front of you
    • Shop the perimeter of the store as this is where the whole foods are located. The middle aisles tend to hold all the sodas, chips, cookies, etc.